Giving a BOOST to your financial systems, processes, software and teams

Bogged down with inefficient tasks in your financial process? Not getting the most out of your finance software? Looking for some help or an extra set of hands in your finance team? 

Whether you're a business owner, a financial controller or manager, BOOST Business Strategies specialises in giving your organisation a BOOST - to your financial systems, your processes, your software and your finance team. 

As specialist Finance Process Advisors, we can help you to improve your efficiency, have more transparency and be more accurate, with our practical, proven strategies.

Remove inefficiencies to streamline and optimise your financial process


Streamlining Financial Process Services

Do you have bottle necks at month end and spend time on inefficent, unecessary and time consuming tasks? Streamlining and optimising the finance process is one of the most important investments businesses can make, using BOOST as your specialist Finance Process Advisors. 

BOOST can review your current finance system and process with fresh eyes, identifying improvements and getting rid of inefficiencies. Efficient processes free up valuable time which can now be spent “on the business” working on growth and strategy.

Process Improvement Services Include: 

  • Reviewing of your existing system and process
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Involvement of the whole team to build support
  • Training and development of your team with a new, efficient process
  • Customisation of processes that fit your organisation's specific needs

Annual Financial Check Services

Are your financial systems efficient and relevant to your business needs? Does your team know how to get the best out of them? 

A BOOST Annual Financial Check involves reviewing your current systems and upskilling your team for financial efficiencies. 

Annual Financial Check Services Include:

  • Reviewing of the accounting ledger 
  • File review
  • IRD filings review
  • Paper management review
  • Coding review 
  • Reporting to management
  • Training onsite for current staff 

Manage Teams as Back Fill Services

Is your finance team short of an extra set of hands or in need of a revival? 

We can give your finance team a BOOST in capacity or energy and manage your finance team when you need it. Whether your current managers are on secondment or extended leave, or you're recruiting for a permanent position and need a financial accountant on a fixed term contract, we can help. We can also come in as a fresh manager to revive teams, get them working together, build team spirit, meet their KPI’s and achieve outstanding results.

Finance Team Management Services Include: 

  • Financial Accountant Contractor 
  • Finance Manager Back-Fill 
  • Finance Team Performance Refresh / Revival / Culture Uplift 

Implementation and Migration of New Software Services

Have you decided on some new software but you don't know how to roll it out? Perhaps you're already part-way through the process but you've realised you need help. 

BOOST can take the stress away, project managing your software migration or implementation of new software for a smooth transition. 

Implementation of new software Services Include: 

  • Project Management of software migration 
  • Project Management of software implementation

Get the most out of your financial systems, software and team

"Annalise did a thorough review of our accounts, and up until now, I hadn’t realised how valuable this was. She reviewed our current processes and made simple but significant changes to some key process. This freed up so much time for the accounts team, allowing them to work on my business, which has been so valuable. Annalise made the team feel very comfortable and assisted them with upskilling as required. I highly recommend her company Boost Business Strategies."

Dave Pratt - Director, Civil Alliance

About Us

Practical, friendly and fuss-free

Hi, I'm Annalise Thomassen, Director of Boost Business Strategies. I've spent the past 16+ years working in financial roles, starting my accountancy career in audit before moving into the commercial sector. 

As a qualified Chartered Accountant, I have experience across a range of industries including insurance, construction, IT, service providers, print, and Crown entities. These range in size from large multi-nationals and trans-tasman companies through to SME’s and sole traders. 

I am committed to my clients and passionate about developing strategies that allow you to spend more time working on your business than in your business. 

I have a wealth of experience implementing new systems and know what is required to take on these projects, from planning to execution and testing. A natural leader that knows how to motivate, I like to encourage and get the best out of teams.  

As a straight talking, practical thinker, I pride myself on giving pragmatic advice and support that helps your bottom line and gives you the BOOST you need. I'd love to have a chat.

Phone: 021 224 0864

Improve efficiency, have more transparency, be more accurate

"I see it all the time - businesses often have an inefficient financial process, unclear roles amongst employees, an inability to manage information, manual data entry processes and a slow approval processes. Streamlining and optimising the finance process using BOOST as your Finance Process Advisors, is one of the most important investments businesses can make. It frees up valuable time, which can instead be spent 'on the business' working on growth and strategy."

Annalise Thomassen, Director of Boost Business Strategies

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